Committee to Elect Daniel Smith, Jr.
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Cranberry Twp., PA. 16066



Everyone has a personal story when it comes to our healthcare system. Mine is of my grandmother who was in need of hearing aids to improve her quality of life and ensure her personal safety. Because the brand she needed was considered a luxury item, and her living on a fixed income, she had to settle for an inferior product and continued to struggle even to hear her great-grandchildren. 


This is why our goal of healthcare should first and foremost serve the individual and not the corporations who provide it. The health and wellbeing of those living in our nation cannot be considered a commodity because consumers do not make life and death decisions in the Emergency Room based upon price. 


I think we can all agree that the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. It’s a good start. In order to ensure a healthcare system that can truly provide quality care for all, we must do away with any notions to scrap the ACA and work together to make sure it’s actually affordable for all. Everyone. No one is excluded. 


Rural areas, which is a large part of the 16th district, do not have quality access to healthcare. When politicians talk about providing healthcare for all, they have to mean it. And those who especially live in our rural areas can no longer be forgotten. 


The service of healthcare can not be partisan because the service of healthcare should

not be treated as a commodity. A Democrat or Republican who walks into an Emergency Room doesn’t have the luxury to shop for life saving medicines or procedures as if they

shopping for the best price on a car.   



Our potential for growth in our region is being squandered away in exchange for rhetorical bluster by politicians in Washington. Too many have forgotten that the scorebook kept at home by constituents is not about how many incendiary remarks you make about your opposition, but by how many of them are working and earning a family sustaining wage. 


Nations around the world are advancing their economies in large part to renewable energy sources while we continue to hang on to a political lie that carbon based energy is the future. We will damage our children’s future, both in terms of the healthcare impact of climate change as well as their ability for financial growth for centuries by purporting and promoting these fallacies. 


First and foremost, workers should have a guaranteed right to organize. We must also move toward a $15 per hour minimum wage and a system that ensures that wage is livable. 


Funding for growth of small businesses across the district should never be ignored. Government  should be working to provide continual grants and funding; based upon economic growth within the sector and the business itself, staffing strength and overall productivity. We should always enhance small business who prove a successful business and product.  


And our federal government needs to be more forward looking and proactive in it’s planning of job creation. The renewable energy industry puts our manufacturing sector back to work at full throttle, whether it’s the entrepreneur who creates the newest technology, the steelworker building the wind turbines, the electrician installing the solar panels, or all the small businesses who benefit from the increase in jobs in this sector, we have an opportunity in the 16th congressional district to help our nation reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, especially foreign oil, improve the health of our citizens and create a real job market for the future.



The value of education far exceeds that which the individual gains. Communities, from local to global, benefit when our children have access to the highest quality education that they seek. We are literally placing ourselves at a national security risk by continuing in a system in which only those with financial means are able to pursue educational opportunities. 


Moving forward, hardworking families, whether they be farmers in our rural areas or the waitress in our urban centers, both deserve to give their children a shot at a better life than theirs. That is the American Dream. 


The financial concept of Baby Bonds being provided to our District’s newborns is one way to help alleviate the excessive burden of funds needed for a quality college education.  


When I was young, my family invested in numerous savings bonds when they were able to afford them.  With this same thought in mind, our government should partner with our children to put an investment towards our nation’s future.  


Working in the financial industry, this same benefit is offered on all levels.  If there is continuing education that’s needed, the company invests in that employee and pays for their tuition based on job qualifications.  


Let’s go one step further and invest at the beginning of a child’s life and then allocate responsibly.  In real life, there will be cases that college just isn’t a feasible direction to take (as was my case).  With that, I feel that the capital built up can be provided, instead, as a jump start to a new beginning at life for that young adult. 


All this takes is that initial investment; why not have it initiated by the same government that has no issues taking our money every April and put it towards our country’s future?